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Why Choose Us?

More than 30 years in the business:


We are one of the leading suppliers as well as the importers having a good reputation of three decades in the field of fruits and vegetables business. We are doing business with many well-known companies around the world..

Quality and Ability:


We ensure the quality of our Produce, Packaging, Pre-Cooling, and state of the art Cold storage facilities. We strive to maintain the satisfaction and trust of all our suppliers and customers have an ability to supply our products by Sea, By Air and by land routes 1000 metric tons per month. We have about 400 suppliers of good quality fruit and vegetables. Our import of packaging material for produce also adds the volume of good quality. We prepare for longer shelf life of the produce we store for our overseas and local consumers when supply is short for a particular produce.

State of the Art Technology:


We have invested more than 10$million in the infrastructure of our cold storages facilities. Our capacity to store the fresh fruits and vegetables is 5000 metric tons. Our capacity to force air cooling the delicate fruits and vegetables is 100 Tons per hour which is highly recommended for perishables in hot weather countries like Pakistan.

Worldwide Operations:


We are leading and well-established company in Karachi, Pakistan having business deals in 3 continents. We have well established customers in EU, UK, Asia, North America namely countries like Canada, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Honk Kong, China, Russia, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and bordering countries.

Fresh is Healthy

  • 01
    Harvesting produce from Orchard
  • 02
    Bringing Produce to packing house
  • 03
    Washing, sorting and quality check
  • 04
    Labeling and packing into boxes
  • 05
    Place in Cold Storage or direct load into Containers
  • 06
    Container Shipped to customers' locations
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