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Tomato belongs to solanaceae family. It is one of the very popular vegetables in Pakistan. It is widely used in salad as well as for culinary purposes. The popularity of tomato and its products continue to rise as it contains significant amount of vitamin A and C.

Due to varying climatic conditions, there is a wide range of sowing time of tomato in Pakistan. There are three main crops that are as under.

Early crop
For early crop, nursery is sown in July-August, transplanted in the field in August-September and the harvesting of the crop starts in November.

Mid season crop
Nursery is sown in September, which is transplanted in October and harvested in December/January.

Main season crop
Nursery is sown in mid-November, transplanted in February and the crop is harvested in May-June.

Tomatoes can be kept for storage for only a short period of 7-10 days. Fruits picked at semi-ripe stage and placed in well ventilated store with low humidity and at 1.1-2.2 °C will remain fit for human consumption for about three weeks.