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Onion is one of the important condiments widely used in all households all the year round. The green leaves and immature and mature bulbs are eaten raw or used in preparation of vegetables. Onions are most often used to enhance flavors in a wide range of recipes , soups, sauces casseroles, pizzas, stews salads and for seasoning foods. World onion production is estimated at approximately 105 billion pounds each year. The average annual onion consumption calculates to approximately 13.67 pounds of onions per person across the world The small bulbs one pickled in vinegar.

Onion is an important crop in all continents with world production of about 25 million tones. There has been a progressive increase in area and production of onion in Pakistan. In 1998-99, the area increased to 84.3 thousand hectare, production 1138.2 thousand tones and yield was 13.5 tones/ha.


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